Infinite Campus Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Infinite Campus Login:





Accessing the correct link of the Infinite Campus Login for the Madison Metropolitan School District is done using these steps:

1. Upload the following link into your internet browser by clicking to select it as it's presented here:

2. Enter the username for your Infinite Campus account into the first field on the page.

3. Type in the password that is asked for your Infinite Campus account into the second space.

4. Click to select the sign in button. Proceed into your selected Infinite Campus account.






We understand that you may have some issues with the Infinite Campus Login process. When you do, use the information here in this section.

If you have forgotten or lost the username or password information that is needed for the Infinite Campus Login process, read the following notice:

NOTE: Only the parents at this time can use their online form in order to recover their usernames and/or passwords. We're unsure as to why they aren't providing this service also to the students. If they ever decide to change this process, we will have an update for you here on this page. For the parents, the link for recovering your information has been provided later in the contacts section of this article. Watch the video on the login process once you have been able to recover your username and/or password information needed for the Infinite Campus Login process.





For contacting someone about the Infinite Campus Login process use their information provided here.

Corporate Headquarters
Infinite Campus, Inc.
4321 109th Avenue NE
Blaine, MN 55449

Toll free: (800) 850-2335
Local: (651) 631-0000

Fax: (651) 697-1203




Link for the parents to recover usernames and/or passwords





When there is a need for data regarding the Infinite Campus Login process we want to be your only choice for the best information. Bookmark this page so that as you use it you will be updated with new changes to their Infinite Campus Login processes.